Assumptions To Avoid Making About Hypnotherapy

Posted on: 30 September 2021

Hypnotherapy has emerged as a treatment option that can assist individuals with a range of issues and needs. However, the popular misconceptions about hypnosis can lead to patients rejecting this option prematurely.

Assumption: Hypnotherapy Will Cause You To Completely Lose Control Of Yourself

Due to magic shows and other popular performances where hypnosis may be used, there is an assumption that this will result in a person completely losing control of themselves. However, this is not the way that hypnosis is used. Rather, the process will simply make a person more suggestive to the impressions of the therapist. For example, these professionals will not be able to force a person to stop smoking, but they can use suggestions and impress the idea of quitting smoking onto a client.

Assumption: Hypnotherapy Is Always The Only Treatment Option That Is Needed

While hypnotherapy can be highly effective for many patients, it should be noted that this should not be used as a stand-alone treatment in most cases. Depending on the particular needs of a patient, it may be best to supplement more traditional therapy options with hypnotherapy. This can allow them to enjoy the benefits of both approaches so that they can get the treatment that their condition requires.

Assumption: You Will Only Need A Single Session Of Hypnotherapy

Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will assume they will only need to undergo a single session of hypnotherapy. In reality, it is often the case that a person will require at least several sessions in order to get the benefits that they are seeking. The exact number of hypnotherapy sessions that you will require can vary based on the severity of your need as well as your particular level of receptiveness for this treatment. Periodically assessing whether these sessions continue to be needed will have to be something that you will have to reflect on for yourself.

Assumption: Hypnotherapy Will Be Extremely Expensive

Concerns about the costs involved with receiving hypnotherapy can be another issue that people may fear. In reality, the costs of receiving this type of therapy will typically be comparable to the rates charged by more traditional therapy providers. Depending on the provider, it may even be a lower rate than what you are accustomed to paying. Lastly, many of these providers can also work with their patients in order to craft a treatment plan that will work with both their budget and their schedule to help them meet their needs.